Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Men's Skincare

Personal Grooming for manly men:
The truth is- the skin on your face needs a little more attention then the rest of your body. The natural oils help seal in the skin's moisture, so if you strip the natural oils off with a cheap soap/harsh detergent, yourskin dries out, flakes off and generally looks nasty, and repels possible sex partners.
Also leading to  infection or premature aging.
Keep your skin clean and problem free with a good quality facial wash.
Use it once or twice a day to remove your skin's excess oils and nasty skin debris,bacteria and random sweat/grime/pollution/funk for a better looking, clearer complexion.
It only takes maybe 45 seconds in the shower, and also preps your face for a better shave.

:  The cheap soap in the stores are technically "detergents"- that's why they're so harsh and strip all your skin's oils off.

FACT:You need to use a facial wash.

FACT: One of the most gentle facial washes available anywhere is also one of the least expensive.

Cetaphil- The best facial wash you've probably never heard of!!
No million dollar ad campaigns- no celebrity infomercials- no hype.
But it's the face wash most recommended by dermatologists!!
Dermatologists tested and dermatologist approved
It's also less then 10 bucks for a big bottle.
This wash is so gentle, you can use it on an infant.
It's Hospital Grade - can your fancy $30 designer face wash say any of that???
 Of course not.
It's fragrance free/ non-allergenic/ non-comendognic - won't clog your pores/ rinses clean.
It's made in Canada by quality minded people, and they DO NOT make drugstore brand products or 'generic brands' -
You can only get it under the Cetaphil label.

                   Facial Scrubs
Keep your skin smoother and free from buildup with a twice weekly facial scrub. This is a deeper cleaner that's a little more intense and it removes dead skin build up, ingrown hairs and built up gunk that clogs your pores and cause outbreaks. It's just like the face wash, but it is a little more 'aggressive', so only a couple times a week is needed. Kinda like Scrubbin Bubbles for your face. If you work out, sweat a lot or work in a dirty environment, this really lets you give your face a good scrubbing. You know how you have to use the scrub-brush at the car wash some times because your
ride was so filthy??? Same thing.

(FREE car wash tip: always use the sprayer to clean the brush before you put it on your car- the last 'veguy coulda been scrubbing sand out of the back of his truck or something.)
You shouldn't cheap out on your choice of daily facial wash- but you can use a homemade/DIY version of the twice weekly scrub if you want. Either Oatmeal ground to a powder in the blender, or baking soda can be made into a light paste with water and used as a facial scrub in the shower. We also have good quality scrubs starting at about $3.50
Oatmeal actually makes a really good facial treatment, it's full of good stuff for skin. Make a paste from oatmeal and  apply it to your face for 10- 20 minutes.
Mix with water for normal skin to oily skin or with yogurt for dry skin. You'll probably be better off laying down while you have it on. Rinse it off with warm water. Then rinse with cold.

After you've washed your face, rinse with warm water and then rinse in cold water for about 30 seconds and  don't scrub it with a towel! Just pat it dry and move on.

Finding the Best Facial Products for Men
You also need to protect and hydrate your skin to keep it looking fresh and healthy with a quality, daily moisturizer. Just think of it as  feeding your skin. Or think of it as the finishing touch on a great car wash - this is the wax and buff that makes it all look so... well finished.
I mean, come on-you wouldn't have a nice oak dining table that was unsealed or unfinished would you??? of course not - all kinds of stuff would get into the grain funk it all up.

A moisturizer for your face should be lighter then the one you use on the rest of your body.

You should also use a good quality moisturizer or 'lotion' on the rest of your skin- mostly just your arms and legs.
A lot -if not most- of the cheaper store brand soaps will dry your skin, and leave it all flaky and nasty looking.  That's because the soap companies remove the glycerin, the soaps natural lubricant and moisturizer! A simple  moisturizer will stop the flaky skin. It's also good to use it on dry, cracked skin on your feet or hands. It's easy to find one that doesn't have a girly smell to it- you can go with either an unscented one, or pick a scent that you enjoy.
We've assembled a good variety of moisturizer for your to choose from, all of them are quality products that really
deliver for the dollar. Not a lot of fancy packaging and celebrity infomercials, just solid, proven, dependable products.
<-- tip: right after a shower- while your skin is still moist is a great time to moisturize.-->

PROTIP: One of the BEST Skincare Products for Men

Behold!! The zit dissappearer!
this magical little roll on kills its before the can hatch. It's easy to hide in a pocket, desk or eben in the cup holder in your car. If you get pimples- this is a must have!

We're not trying to to make you a metrosexual pretty boy here- you're just doing basic maintenance on your body and trying to keep your crusty ass presentable in public.
We also want you to take good care of yourself- so remember: Good skin starts with a good diet- that means less fast food and frozen dinners, more fresh fruits and veggies, staying hydrated- drinking 6-8 glasses of good water every day, and getting enough rest every night-  sleep is important for building muscle, repairing our skin and recharging your brain! No BS.
Almost everyone needs 7-8 hours of deep sleep daily)
and a little exercise -15 to 30minutes a day- will keep you looking like a winner.

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