Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Look like a million bucks - on a $10 an hour paycheck.

There's an old saying: Success breed success.

People want to do business with people that perceive as winners. No one wants to buy a house from a realtor that looks like he lives in his car!

Women always want to be with a man that is successful, businesses want to do business with other successful people and business. no woman is laying awake at night fantasizing about a guy in a crusty T-Shirt and cut-off jean shorts!

That means that you won't do as well if you show up in flip-flops and a T-Shirts instead of taking 5 minutes to put just the slightest bit of effort into looking sharp!

Remember - you don't have to be a GQ model- you just have to look a little bit better than your competition.
Investing in your appearance is part of building a foundation for success!

Here are 3 quick rules to look better:

1) No goofy/unusual/trendy haircuts. No mullets, no designs shaved in, no rat tails (ewww) or ponytails and no slicked back hair.

2) Clean out your closet. It's time to retire you "favorite" T-Shirts and worn out shorts.
Simple, casual polo style shirts are always look better than T-Shirts, and classically styled khaki or basic colored shorts will project class and good taste.

3) No more ratty looking shoes. At work- make sure your shoes are clean and have a nice polish- people DO notice!-  and if you're going to wear casual shoes on the weekend when you go out - make sure they're clean. Nothing says slob loser quicker than grungy shoes...so take a minute to get squared away and step your game up to the next level.

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