Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Grooming Secret Weapons Every Guy Should Have. AKA: The 90 Second Clean Up.

In the 21st century men are being held to a higher standard of grooming. Here are two quick ways to help you stay on top of your game:

Number 1: Toothbrush or mouthwash. You can have a small bottle in your desk at work or in your backpack or even keep it the car

Nothing turns people off like bad breath, AKA "Death Breath" so to make sure that you avoid this grooming disaster by being prepared. It doesn't matter if you’re meeting a client for sales presentation or approaching the cute girl at the deli counter, minty fresh breath will win you bonus points. If you can’ keep a brush and small trial size tube of toothpaste in your desk or backpack or your car, you can also score one of the little trial size bottles of the mouthwash and those are easy to hide and bring out when you need your secret weapon.

Number 2: Witch hazel or of facial toner wipes.

Let's say that it’s summertime and you went out  for lunch and now you're back at the office and now you’ve got that tuna sandwich doing horribly unnatural things to your breath plus that five minute walk over to the deli was enough to give you a nice little sheen of oil and sweat.  You are practically a walking french fry.... So what's a man to do?
 We already addressed the breath issue, (PROTIP: a good quality mint will help if you don't have time for a brush or rinse- but get something decent like Altoids and avoid the cheap sugary stuff) so now we need something real quick to clean up your face.

Places like Target and Walmart and beauty supply stores –(BTW beauty supply stores are full of nubile young girls that are friendly and will always answer whatever questions you can think of to ask them, plus they often need someone to practice their grooming or ‘cosmetology’ skills on, so those stores can also sometimes be prime hunting grounds)- sell small empty plastic bottles made for just this purpose. Buy a small (get the travel size) spray or squeeze bottle and some of the little cotton facial wipes that cost about a dollar for a package. Fill the bottle with either plain witch hazel -which by the way is an outstanding old-school ingredient that doesn't get enough press these days, mostly because it's inexpensive and works well on its own- or you can use facial toner that you purchased, and put it inside a small Ziploc bag with 10 of the facial wipes.

 All you have to do is spray a little bit of the witch hazel or facial toner on the wipe, and then clean your face of all that nasty sweat and grime.
 Simple as that - takes less than 30 seconds, feels good and makes you look more like James Bond instead of the guy that just had to chase his bus.
Plus they can be used as emergency gun cleaning patches , so don’t worry about any damage to your man card.

 PROTIP: Paying attention to your personal grooming pays off.
 You can make a really nice homemade facial toner/cleaner with good witch hazel and a few drops each of peppermint extract essential-oil and rosemary extract essential-oil. Despite how it may sound, it actually has a clean masculine scent to it that's very subtle and diminishes quickly- plus it has a really nice cooling / refreshing effect and is good for your skin. Witch hazel is a natural cleaner and toner-you'll see all the dirt that it removes if you look at the wipe after you use it-so it not only cleans your face but also how to tighten up your pores and given a nice natural looking appearance.
It’s a competitive world- use every advantage that you can.  A quick 90 second touch up leaves you looking and smelling good, ready to take on the world- like a boss.

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